Best meal plan to lose weight

Bodyweight highly depends upon the type of meal and its planning throughout the day.

Globally speaking majority of the people are concerned about their weight and want to lose it, as they consider themselves overweight.

According to the survey based on 2017-2018, 1 in every 3 adults are overweight, 2 in every 5 adults have obesity, and 1 in every 11 adults have serial obesity.

With heavyweight gain and obesity, major diseases and heart problems come.

But simply concerning about the weight and not doing anything about it does not come hand in hand.

The thumb rule suggests 75% of the weight is lost due to an adequate meal plan with 25% effort in work out. Hence it is right to say a call perfect food plan to lose weight can impact 75% of your weight loss.

Nonetheless, the rash decision to skip diet to lose weight quickly is a considerable misconception leading to more problems.

The best meal plan to lose weight should be with sufficient nutrients. Here are a few of the meal prep to lose weight to can refer to.

  1. Vegan Diet-

A vegan diet is one of the best meal plans to lose weight. The number of people shifting towards a vegan diet has increased for environmental and ethical reasons. But apart from this vegan diet comes with many other advantages for healthy and weight-conscious people.

Food plan to lose weight in a vegan diet-

Dairy eggs, meat, and animal delivery products are strictly unwelcoming in a vegan diet for meal prep to lose weight. This product includes milk, honey, gelatine, casein, and a few kinds of vitamin D3 in the best meal plan to lose weight.


A vegan diet is very efficient at weight loss because the fat and fiber content reduce very effectively.

  • Low Fat Diet-

A low-fat food plan to lose weight has been one of the oldest and most common forms of diet plan. Usually, a low-fat diet restricts the fat intake to 30% of the daily calorie intake.

Food plan to lose weight in the low-fat diet-

A low-fat diet mainly consists of plants, low meat, and animal products. The name suggests the low-fat diet restriction fat intake to at least 30%. Compared with other macronutrients, carbs, and protein, fat adds twice the calories per gram during the meal prep to lose weight.


A low-fat diet helps in weight loss with its restriction in calories intake. It is mainly considered a healthy meal plan to lose weight for people with an obesity problem.

  • Mediterranean Diet-

A Mediterranean diet has been popular in the countries like Greece and Italy.

The Mediterranean diet plan was previously designed to lower the risk of heart diseases; meanwhile, it also has its advantages in weight loss.

Food plan to lose weight in the Mediterranean diet-

The healthy meal plan to lose weight in the Mediterranean diet suggests eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, seafood, and extra virgin olive oil.


American diet comes with various advantages as it encourages rich food in anti-dioxide, which eventually helps in reducing heart diseases risks and premature deaths with the simultaneous benefit of weight loss.

  • Plant-based Diet-

A plant-based diet is one of the most popular among vegetarians and vegans—this diet many districts consume an animal product. Plant-based diets enormously help in the weight loss process and reduce the possibility of obesity with its meal prep to lose weight.

Food plan to lose weight in the plant-based diet-

In a healthy meal plan to lose weight by a plant-based diet, one must strictly adhere to distracting meat, fish, and poultry from their diet.


The plant-based diet is very effective as it helps in weight loss with rich fibre and low calories fat. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancers, and diabetes.

  • Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is considered one of the healthy meal plans to lose weight. It is a strategy to consume the diet periodically between fasting and eating.

There are many popular ways for meal prep to lose weight in an intermittent diet-

• 5:2 diet restricts the daily calories intake to 500 to 600 calories twice per week.

• 16/8 method limits your calories intake to 8 hours per day.

• The warrior diet suggests eating a small number of raw fruits and vegetables during the day and one big meal at night.

• Eat-stop-eat method involves fasting for 24 hours, once or twice per week on non-consecutive days.


The intermittent fasting method is one of the very successful methods to lose weight quickly. It mainly restricts calories intake, and it successfully helps in losing weight of 3 to 8% within 3 to 24 weeks.

  • WW (Weight Watchers)-

Throughout the world, weight watchers have been one of the most popular methods and best meal plan to lose weight.

This method does not particularly district any food type, but it’s mainly about monitoring the calories intake to reach the ideal weight, which making it a healthy meal plan to lose weight.

Food plan to lose weight in WW diet-

It is a point-based system assigned to their ideas foods and beverages to the value of its calories, fat, and fibre content.


It is one of the best methods to monitor the calories and fat intake, which eventually helps reach the targeted weight.

One of the best things about WW is that it is flexible enough to follow.

  • DASH Diet-

DASH diet is specifically designed to prevent high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. This healthy meal plan to lose weight mainly suggests eating fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grain, low salt added sugar, fat and red meat.

Food plan to lose weight in DASH diet-

According to the DASH diet, the servings are particular for its food group. The serving depends upon the number of calories intake.


Along with its advantage in reducing blood pressure and heart disease risks, the DASH diet also helps reduce weight systematically.

  • Paleo Diet-

The paleo diet suggests that eating foods and Tu be a part of hunters and ancestors’ diet before agriculture was invented.

Food plan to lose weight in paleo diet- 

The paleo diet mainly consists of vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, and lean protein. 


This diet method can effectively help in weight reduction. Meanwhile, it also helps in reducing the risks of blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart disease.

All the diets mentioned above come with various advantages. Meanwhile, some of them come with disadvantages. The diet plan to lose weight does not mean you respect food intake. Most of them consist of monitoring them effectively.

Hence, before following any kind A sufficient research according to the body type is required is highly suggested.